The Kitchen

Juice and Cold-Brew Coffee Bottle Label Tags

The Kitchen is an award-winning Nelson café with a passion for wholefoods. They inspire people to think differently about the fuel they put in their bodies. 

Based in the same coworking space as Lucid, we frequent The Kitchen often and can’t say enough about their awesome drinks and wholefoods.

The Problem

Grant from The Kitchen had a few issues that he wanted to solve with this new design. 

The main one was to reduce the time that it took to take the stickers off when reusing bottles. His team had to soak them and peel them off each time a bottle was returned for reuse. 

We also needed to include a lot more content than the previous stickers had—a food safety industry requirement.

Label Design, Nelson, New Zealand

Minimalist Label Design

The Design

During our research phase, we discovered a few different ways that we could develop a label that would reduce the time required to get used bottles cleaned and ready for refilling. 

We explored numerous options from neck-ties to wrap-around stickers that didn’t stick to the bottle but back on themselves. 

Coming out of the research phase, we felt the neck-tie idea suited their bottle and minimalist branding—and was a great way to better showcase the drinks’ vibrant colours!

We designed nice easy-to-read content on the back and kept the front simple, with the brand as a standout—which compliments the design of the café and the juices.

The Kitchen Juice Label Design