Cawthron Institute

Cawthron Institute was established in 1919 with a vision that science could contribute to the growth of a young New Zealand.

They are one of New Zealand’s largest independent science organisations and are one of the larger employers in Nelson.

Quarterly newsletter design and layout

This project involved designing a new quarterly magazine to promote the happenings at Cawthron and highlight the fantastic things their scientists are doing.

The design needed to faithfully reflect the brand guidelines and design aesthetic of Cawthron while being flexible enough to evolve year after year without become tired and dated.

The main feature of the publication is the bright, colourful cover that incorporates one of the primary brand colours along with a scientific microscopic image.

Cawthron Science Matters publication

Design of brand guidelines

It’s impossible to anticipate every situation and designing all configurations and possibilities up front is hugely time consuming and wasteful—and tends to be overly prescriptive, which can lead to a formulaic look-and-feel. Such documents have a tendency to be shelved and rarely looked at. 

The Cawthron brand guidelines document is a simple, brief document that is intended to provide guidance rather than dictate every possible use-case or scenario—as is often the case with such documents.

Design of brand guidelines for Cawthron Institute