Luxy Hair

Update: This portfolio post is from 2013. Lucid did not build the current Luxy Hair website (but we do love it!).

We get a remarkable number of requests to “build a site like Luxy Hair”. It’s only fair to say their success is due to the energy, hard work, inspiration, and charisma of the founders and the Luxy Hair team. A beautiful site alone does not a successful business make—but if you are working on something fabulous and unique and you need help, we would love the opportunity to work with you.

We have been working with Luxy Hair on-and-off since 2011 incrementally tweaking and refining their Shopify theme.

This project was a fairly comprehensive overhaul of the theme based on a design created by the client (which looks fabulous!).

It was a challenging job as we wanted it to be entirely responsive (including the banners)—and we now have not only desktop and mobile to consider but also tablets and small and large screens. So, while browsers are more consistent these days, the challenges of different screen sizes is becoming increasingly complex.

The whole theme was reworked using Bootstrap 3.0 as a base framework (while working carefully to avoid the “Bootstrap look!”). This gives us a lot of flexibility and power when it comes to our grid, buttons and other design elements.

Luxy Hair website on a laptop in 2013

Luxy Hair website on iPhone in 2013