Blunt Umbrellas USA

For this project, we were able to do a number of somewhat experimental things to push the boundaries of Shopify.

It’s a work-in-progress as we implement and test new ideas.

Geo-targeted local weather on the homepage

Because they're selling umbrellas, showing the upcoming weather seemed like a fun way to target the call-to-action to the visitor based on their location.

Blunt Umbrellas (USA) homepage design

Multiple variant images on product pages

Blunt Umbrellas are not just your standard, cheap, everyday umbrella! They’re beautifully designed gadgets. We wanted to show them big and bold—and colourful! When changing the variant, rather than just switching out the main image, all product shots update—as does the page’s primary colour—to reflect the selected variant.

Blunt Umbrellas (USA) product page design

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