Upgrades & Feature Releases of Shopify vs. Magento

Magento has an aggressive development cycle planned for version 2.x—with the intention of regularly deploying multiple minor releases and security patches. This may initially seem like a positive thing and a way to provide security and confidence that the system will evolve and grow. But, in reality, like many on-premise solutions, new releases can pose a challenge when the platform has been extended or customized.

With each release on Magento, the merchant must engage a developer to set up and manage development and staging servers to test and understand the impact of the updates to the existing code base. Every update or patch needs to be carefully implemented.

Upgrades can take days or weeks depending upon the situation. In many instances, the merchant may need to pay a developer to rewrite existing customizations. QA and load testing are required for each individual release.

Shopify Plus removes the need for upgrades, patches and point releases. As a hosted platform, Shopify is designed to allow merchants to take advantage of new features as they become available—usually without any custom development work or downtime whatsoever.

Merchants can choose to enable new capabilities via the Shopify Admin as they become live. This saves your from distracting software deployments and saves the time and money associated with upgrades and patches.

It also means your site is powered by a platform that is constantly improving—all without the need for costly upgrades or redevelopment.