Shopify vs. Magento Communities

One of Magento’s biggest strengths has always been its ecosystem. There are hundreds of Magento systems integrators and hundreds of certified developers. With almost 280,000 Magento community sites, the number of developers and architects that have worked with Magento 1.x is staggering.

Magento 2, however, is different. The radical changes to architecture and deep technical competencies have had an impact on the community. Regardless, there is no arguing that Magneto’s massive ecosystem has had a significant impact on the ecommerce landscape.

Shopify now has over 350,000 merchants on its platform, and a community of thousands of Shopify Experts has grown up around the platform.

To ensure that Shopify Plus can accommodate the entire needs of large retailers, Shopify Plus has created the Shopify Plus Partner program, and each partner is thoroughly vetted and represents the top agencies within their given competencies.