Platform Customisation of Shopify vs. Magento

Shopify recently announced scripting capabilities on Shopify Plus. Scripts enable developers to write their own customisations securely and safely right on Shopify’s servers—without the need for custom-developed or third-party apps.

Scripts give you advanced functionality without compromising flexibility or maintainability—and without adding the need to set up, manage, and maintain your own servers. They give you the power to do some pretty neat shopping cart and shipping rate customisations as you work to increase engagement and improve conversions.

If you do need greater customisation, Shopify also enables developers to build more advanced customisations in the form of private apps using the client’s preferred development language.

An Embedded App SDK allows individual merchants’ extensions to appear directly in the Shopify admin with the look-and-feel of the native Shopify experience, which can make it easier for your team when working in the back-end to manage your store.

Magento is an open source platform, and clients can access and modify all of Magento’s core modules. This provides endless freedom when designing and customizing your website—but this comes at a cost.

Building out customizations in Magento can be challenging without a standard of code. You can hire a developer to build a Magento customisation for you; but, since you are running everything on your own server and they have total freedom to build it how they choose, you are on your own to manage, support, and scale any extensions or customisations. You also need to worry about how future customizations and upgrades will impact the existing code base and whether future developers will be able to understand what a previous developer had coded.

This all can create risk and put greater dependencies on QA and load testing—not to mention the cost of development and downtime if something goes wrong.

Magento development and architectural resources can be expensive and hard to find. Many merchants require an entire team to manage customisations.