Hosting & Deployment on Shopify vs. Magento

Hosting and managed services are critical to any website—and high-traffic, high-growth transactional eCommerce sites in particular.

As a licensed, on-premise solution, Magento does not include either hosting or managed services with its licensing. Magento-powered merchants are required to pay a hosting provider. This provider needs to have the capability to manage the codebase, maintain security, ensure everything runs smoothly, and host an architecture that can accommodate potentially massive spikes during peak traffic events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Beyond the additional cost of designing, building, and setting up a new store, the focus on "keeping the lights on” can take your energy away from what’s truly important when growing an eCommerce business—attracting traffic, telling your story, engaging with customers, and building your brand. Simply managing your site and keeping it running can be a huge distraction.

Magento also requires installation, setup and configuration. This is challenging across a distributed architecture—and there are a relative small number of people who are truly good at this, which means it comes at a cost. A significant portion of every Magento deployment is dedicated to ensuring performance and scalability rather than focusing on your core requirements and the features and functionality you will need to succeed.

All Shopify merchants benefit from Shopify’s robust architecture and massive content distribution network that ensures fast, reliable service—no matter where in the world your customers are ordering from.

Shopify Plus gives high-growth, high-volume merchants the scalability, reliability, and flexibility they need to succeed online—without all the hassles, long timelines, and expense of on-premise solutions.

Many merchants are migrating to Shopify Plus just to accommodate the massive loads associated with flash sales—something that could easily bring down a traditional “enterprise-grade” server if it’s not managed well. These flash sales often see thousands of concurrent checkouts at peak times.

Migrating to Shopify Plus means never having to worry about infrastructure, hosting, networking, load testing or load-optimisation ever again.